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Ebola Virus Disease: A Manual for EVD Management

Ebola Virus Disease: A Manual for EVD Management
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EVD INTRODUCTION.- Virology and VHF diseases: Ebola, Marbung, Lassa.-History of previous outbreaks.- Sources of the infection, ways of transmission.- CLINICAL FEATURES AND CASE DEFINITION.- Clinical features: incubation period, clinical presentation and post Ebola syndrome.- RESPONSE TO EVD OUTBREAK.- Screening of suspected cases in a referral Hospital: variability of the case definition adapted to the outbreak. Screening forms and Standard precautions.- Isolation Unit: how to set up and construct a holding unit in a hospital and satellite clinics.- Personal protection equipment (PPE) and Infection prevention and control (IPC) measures.- Waste management and cleaning/disinfection.- Safe Medical Burials: practical and cultural implications.- EVD MANAGEMENT.- Symptomatic, supportive treatment- differences between treatment in the field and high resources settings (Europe, US).- Special populations: pregnancy and pediatrics.- Controversies with invasive therapies: dialysis, ventilation.- New therapies, Experimental drugs (Zmapp, Favipiravir, convalescent serum, etc) and vaccines.- DIAGNOSTICS EVD.- Rapid tests for EVD.- Laboratory: RT-PCR, serology and Ag determination.


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