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Copyright, Property and the Social Contract: The Reconceptualisation of Copyright

Copyright, Property and the Social Contract: The Reconceptualisation of Copyright
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Part I: Copyright and Developing Countries: Copyright Legacy and Developing Countries: Important Lessons for Nigeria's Emerging Copyright Reform b y Adebambo Adewopo .- Embracing Open Policies to Enable Access to Information: The EDO State Open Data Portal by Kunle Ola .- Copyright in the Palestinian Territories: Setting the Scene by Rawan Al Tamimi .- Copyright Law in Indonesia: From a Hybrid to an Endogenous System? by Christoph Antons .- Copyright and (Dis)harmonisation: Can Developing Nations Prioritise Their Own Public Good in a Global Copyright Hegemony? by Mark Perry .- Part II: Government and Copyright: Australia-US Copyright Relations: An Unhurried View of the Reciprocal Protection of Literary Works by John S Gilchrist .- The Adoption of the American Model of Fair Use in the U.A.E Copyright Law by Rami Olwan .- Digitising the Public Domain: Non-original Photographs in Comparative EU Copyright Law by Thomas Margoni .- Part III: Copyright, Technology and the Future: Copyright in the Age of Access by Brian Fitzgerald .- The Royalties System and Paratrophic Copyright by Ben Atkinson .- Copyright According to Google by Jo Gray .- Dead Cats in the Mail: Dallas Buyers Club and the Emergence of the User in Australian Intermediary Copyright Law by Kylie Pappalardo and Carrick Brough .- The Making Available Right: Problems with "the Public" by Cheryl Foong .


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